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Riverton Sassy Sweater Wraps, Riverton Sparkle Wraps and Cable Wraps - Now on SALE! $23.99 (reg. $30.00)

Riverton Sassy Chic Sweater Wraps
These stylish acrylic wraps with 2-button closure can be worn 3 different ways. Perfect as a gift (one-size-fits-all) or for yourself. Perfect to ward off the chill inside or out. Also makes a thoughtful gift for patients going through chemotherapy to ward off the chill. Available in many color choices.

Here's 3 different ways to wear!

CHIC - For a more sophisticatedlook - place top button at shoulder - loosely drape at top.
CASUAL - Wear unbottoned resting loosely in your arms.
COMFY - Button at 2nd button and loosely drape at top of shoulders - let rest in your arms.
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