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Dancing Naked...in Fuzzy Red Slippers

Each book comes with: * Personalized signature
*Whimsical red feather book mark. A great gift !
Dancing Naked .......in Fuzzy Red Slippers isn't about life, but about living life. You'll Tobago on a warm summer evening, and Venice at twilight. It isn't a travel book in the usual sense, but does explore interesting landscapes of the mind and heart. It tells of dancing naked in the morning and being late for work. It addresses divorce and the accompanying sorrows and joys. It talks of a homeless woman named Joan and the death of a basset hound named Rufus. It speaks of a near-love experience, and gives instructions on what to do with an extra half-hour you find lying on the floor.
Dancing Naked .......in Fuzzy Red Slippers takes a fresh look at Hearts breaking and hearts healing, truths and lies, and the colors they come in. The freedom of wings no longer bound. What a kilter is and how we know we're off it.
A spirited exploration of the human condition through story and experiences. Most true, some fantasy and she's not saying which is which.......